We are wishing that we become kindly and heal customer's tiredness.
「ユキ」 bears the salon like customer's the second house
where it is not a usual Japanese massage shop,
it is possible to drop by always comfortably, and the healed time can be spent in mind.

Moreover, the following are thoroughly pursued in our shop for a better salon making
It always listens to customer requirements, and sincere posture in the customer.

Improvement guidance of massage technique and serving manners to the entire staff.

Always pay attention to customer's health and the physical condition,
and do massage along with customer's physical condition and feelings.

  • Those who get dead drunk
  • Person who is pregnancy
  • Sick person
  • Person that this trader or scout act is done
  • Person who troubles other customers
  「ユキ」 is not a medical treatment group.
Our shop is not hospital.
「Lover feeling」「Best healing」 is a relaxation salon to offer the customer the time of
bliss by Thaitraditional massage.

Thank you very much.
40 minutes ¥5,000
70 minutes ¥10,000
100 minutes ¥13,000
120 minutes ¥16,000
150 minutes ¥19,000
180 minutes ¥24,000
60 minutes ¥15,000
90 minutes ¥24,000

<Washing massage>
The muscle of the whole body is gently massaged by using massage foam.
This course effect of the relaxation to mind and body,
There are exhilaration one feels different from oil massage.

Nomination fee ¥ 1,000 (Tax-included price)
extend prolong 30minutes ¥5,000


When you bring new customer, It is discounted \1,000 per person.

  • Please take a shower when frist and last in all courses.
  • All members of the massage staff are Japanese woman&Chinese woman. They wear the lovely uniform with which the Asia taste overflows.
  • The customer can choose the female staff in the photograph. It costs the nomination fee 1000 yen at the photograph nomination.
  • The chip is not needed.
  • Some of the staff can speak English also to the female staff are on the register(Please check the profile of the female staff on this web-site. )

・The receipt is being issued. The proviso becomes " massage fee".
・Payment is only by cash. The credit card cannot be used.
We have no outside service.
Sometimes there are illegal acts of forcibly taking the guest to the shop on the road in the our shop surrounding and the kabuki-cho. Such an act is not done in our shop at all.
We will sincerely wait for coming to our shop.

Go straight from Shinjuku Station West Exit.
I can see Lawson.
Go straight and you will see an intersection.
Please turn left from Sukiya and proceed.
In front of this building is Isomaru Suisan.
The first floor of this building is an oil soba shop.


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